Mill District Healdsburg


Our World-Class Small Town

Like all authentic communities, Healdsburg has played many roles—some simultaneously. The surrounding area is farms, vineyards, and orchards. Family-owned wineries, Michelin-starred chefs and one of the finest cycling areas, have established Healdsburg as a world-class destination. The town’s unique aesthetic juxtaposes turn-of-the-century homes with innovative architecture. And Mill District will weave all these threads together in a thoughtful, progressive design.

In Keeping with a Special Town

"Healdsburg has become downright hip, in a down-home meets upscale kind of way. The town plaza is now busy, with smart boutiques and the county’s trendiest restaurants." - Tim Fish, Wine spectator

Club room

Inspired Architecture

Olson-Kundig, featured on Architectural Digest's 100 list for January 2017, create works of distinction in which buildings are a fusion of nature and public art. SB Architects have been based in San Francisco for over half a century, but their projects win accolades around the world. For both firms, Mill District's woodworking heritage is the stuff of dreams. Beams, planks, and artifacts become rich inspiration for structures that will honor Healdsburg's agricultural roots and industrial history, while complementing the progressive aesthetic established downtown.


A Hotel to Welcome Locals

Like the homes, the hotel and courtyard, will pay tribute to the site's working history. Contemporary forms will feature industrial finishes and materials: light-gauge steel, post-and-beam construction, and rough-sawn finishes that add texture and character. Mill artifacts will be integrated into the architecture and interior design, making a visual connection between the neighborhood's past and future. The hotel will be designed around an open drawing room that we hope Healdsburg residents will make their own.


Hybrid Spaces

The design will be flexible, to suit the climate and the town's social nature. The hotel space will flow between indoor, outdoor, and in-between areas, opening to the courtyard. In the homes, nothing will be just a door or a window. Window-walls will slide away, to create indoor/outdoor space.

“You’re coming here to have a relationship with the landscape. The design makes that easy, seamless.”


Join us on our journey.

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