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  • David Hill

    Managing Director

  • Eric Chan

    Development Manager

  • Jim Hall

    Director of Development

  • Josie Gay

    Marketing & Communications

  • Myra Cureton

    Project Administrator & Accountant


  • Alan B. Cohen

    Architect / Healdsburg

  • Jonathan Hidalgo

    WRA, Inc. / Emeryville

    Environmental Analysis

  • Dalene Whitlock

    W-Trans / Santa Rosa

    Healdsburg Resident

    Traffic and Parking Analysis

  • Richard Berkson

    Berkson Associates / San Anselmo

    Fiscal Analysis

  • Stacey De Shazo & Sally Evans

    Evans & De Shazo / Sebastopol

    Historical & Cultural Resources Assessment

  • Carrie Janello

    Illingworth & Rodkin / Petaluma

    Noise and Greenhouse Gas Analysis

  • Stephen Butler & Michael Gogna

    Clement, Fitzpatrick, Kenworthy / Santa Rosa


Built by a Team of Innovators

Mill District is envisioned and will be designed by internationally renowned innovators, specifically chosen for their relevant expertise and passion for Healdsburg's unique character.

GHD Civil Engineers

Committed to sustainable development, GHD improves the physical, natural and social environments of the many communities in which they operate.

Sherwood Design Engineers

By integrating ecology, infrastructure, and design, Sherwood has successfully implemented net-zero green building projects, new street standards, and sustainable civil projects throughout the world.

"Those redwoods give us the opportunity to create something similar to the Town Plaza—a focal point for the community—here at Mill District."


Replay Destinations

Replay Destinations is an experience-driven development company, known for authentic and enduring communities that the marketplace thinks of first and likes best, which in turn enhances the profile and economics of the surrounding regions. Our culture is informed by a richness of nature, occasions for wonder, and a spirit of sharing. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, we operate in the continental United States, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. At Replay, all decisions are guided by principles that define us as an organization—unwavering credos that have become our core strengths.

One: Be Mindful.

For every action there is a reaction. As developers, operators, and experience creators we are mindful of how each project impacts the environment and surrounding community. We are aware of our responsibilities to guests, homeowners, neighbors, partners, and team.

Two: Be Playful.

We are passionate about sharing our love of the outdoors and inspiring our guests to be active. Our belief in being playful extends to our relationships with one another. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. A sense of humor goes a long way towards creating great working environments.

"Play is good for the soul. That's why we've made it our life's work."


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